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Series Two. This Series is £10 per person.

You may have raced Series One before, this might be your first time and you want to take the challenge of the 8 tables.

Series 2 includes all the tracks from series 1 plus these three extra tracks.

This takes on average 90 minutes to complete. Adding a further 3 famous and not so famous racing circuits from around the globe.

Table 6: Baskerville
Baskerville Raceway permanent motor racing circuit located in Tasmania, Australia. The circuit was sited on a natural amphitheatre and opened in February 1958 by the Hobart Sporting Car Club and has been operating continuously ever since. Baskerville's official website suggested that it is the oldest continuously operating permanent circuit in Australia. The layout of the course resembles "Trial mountain circuit" from the Gran Turismo (series) games.

Table 7: Slovakia Ring.

After a few twisty short F1 circuits we have returned to a GT layout.
The Slovakia Ring variant 1.

Table Seven is Slovakia Ring, another 100 foot track. Part of the series two option.

Table 8: Anderstorp

This version is the 1974 F1 European GP circuit. But as with the race brief by the time you get here you have raced 7 amazing tracks, designed to simulate 7 of the worlds most amazing tracks. You won't be getting any help from us on this one. If you wondering where Anderstorp is, it is in Sweden. An everyone should know Sweden Welcomes Careful Drivers.

Buriram International Circuit. Table Eight and the final track of Series Two.


Series Two Has Been Updated!


Series Two is now Carrera.


Photos coming soon.


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