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SERIES 1. This Series is £8 per person.

Consists of the first five tables within the building. It takes around 60 minutes to complete. Each race is 8 minutes long, and with each table comes its own race brief explaining the best way to control the cars, the perils of the corners and the most likely places you will come off if you don't slow down.

Table 1: Silverstone.

Presently running the closest version of the newly designed Silverstone layout. Using the Classic Mini. One of the quickest cars presently in production by Scalextric. This track twists and turns and this little car can keep itself up right, but you need to watch out for the twisting complexed turns. The best place to start learning how to control your car.

A Replica of Silverstone. Created in Scalextric track. First Table in both Series of Racing at the Scalextric Racing Venue.

Table 2: Knockhill

Knockhill Racing Circuit is a motor racing circuit in Fife, Scotland. It opened in September 1974 and is Scotland's national motorsport centre. The circuit is located in the countryside about 6 miles (10 km) north of Dunfermline.


Brands Hatch Replica created in Scalextric and the Second table raced in either series at the venue.

Table 3: Snetterton.

A local track and one that can be the second longest track in the building and the shortest track in the building depending on the day of the week. Easy to change between the 200 & 300 variations. It can be a challenge it can be a joy. Just watch-out for Bomb-hole.

Replica of Snetterton 200 race track, designed with Carrera track system.

Table 4: Cadwell Park.

The local Track, just down the road near Lincoln this track is our local race way, with its ever widening corners, but be careful through the goose neck and Mansfield corner as if you come off they can be tricky to reach. No need to worry about the mountain though, its the flat bit.

Track four Cadwell Park replica built with the Carrera track system.

Table 5: Donington Park.

Measuring a whopping 40' from one end to the other. and 16' across in the middle this monster of a track just seems to go on and on.

It is an 8 minute race. But unlike all the other tables till this point it is twice the size and twice as difficult to master. While the long 16' straight can get your right up to speed getting to grips with the breaking distance into the Esses can leave you spinning. With you standing down at Redgate corner, Coppice can seem like a life time away when your car comes off the track. Average lap time on this is 15 to 20 seconds. Average walking time to the far end and back 30 seconds.

Donington Park Replica Track Five and the last table in Series One. Built using Carrera Track system and sitting at just over 100 feet in length

5 tables not enough for you? Want to keep going? Why not try Series 2, Adding a further 3 tracks to your race.

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D A Parrish