Opening times

Last Race:

You must be in the building before Last race in order to get on.

Series Two closes earlier.

If you are in a que due to large numbers of groups or technical delays, we will stay open until the races have been completed.
We will not start any one new though after these times.

Please take into account that the series you are doing does take some time to do and allow adequate time for the racing.

Series One takes on average 60 minutes to complete.

Series Two takes on Average 90 minutes to complete.

Series Two Always closes earlier. Due to it taking longer to complete.

If we have queues Series Two May Not Be Available due to time. We will inform you on arrival of this.
Once booked in we will stay open until you to complete your races.


Normal Opening Times


Monday Closed :

Tuesday 11am Open : Last Race 5pm

Wednesday 11am Open : Last Race 5pm

Thursday 11am Open : Last Race 5pm

Friday 11am Open : Last Race 5pm

Saturday 11am Open : Last Race 5pm

Sunday 11am Open : Last Race 4pm Close At 5pm


During Lincolnshire School Holidays Opening Times.

7 days a week.

Please note school holidays DO NOT include teacher training days.


Bank Holiday Opening.

11am Open : Last Race 4pm








2017 Repair & Rebuild Weeks Will be from

27/03/17 till 31/03/17

11/09/17 till 17/09/17

We will be unable to race any one during these 5 days.


Race cost:


Series 1:

£7 per racer

Series 2:

£9 per racer


For bookings and more information please see the contact section.

Though booked your race start time can vary.
Groups large than 4 we ask you to book in advance as larger groups take some organizing.


You do not have to book to come to race. We will endeavour to get everyone on as long as you arrive before the last race is called.


Birthday Parties, Night sessions, and Corporate events should be booked a minimum of 14 days in advance.

Night Session and Corporate Events are not available during Local School Holiday.


Please be aware we do not accept personal cheques.

Minimum card payments are £10.

CONTACT TEL: 01775 725415

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