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Private Bookings, Out of hours races, night sessions


The venue can be rented out for night sessions, and out of hours racing.

These sessions run from after the site has closed for the day.

They can start between 6pm and 7pm and are set to be finished between 9pm and 10pm depending on number and time of start.


Minimum of 10 participants. Charged at £12 a head, to race.


These private night sessions are designed around Series Two with every person in the group racing all 8 tables.

Once this has been done with an average time of 90 minutes to complete.

We hold a short break, while the scores are counted, then we return to the tracks.


Depending on the amount of people we have playing depends on what happens after the break.

Smaller groups of 10 to 16 we will run a race off, using the score cards to work out who is in which group.

Larger groups we will team up and send them back to tables to race off against each other one last time.


We have options for food with these lay outs.

Buffet's are available but need to be discussed with the Chef for pricing and styles.


In a Bun is a £5 per head set meal. With a choice of options picked on the night.


If you wish to have food with your racing then this has to be ordered when the event is booked.

If it is not then only cold snacks and drinks will be available on the night.


Out of hours sessions must be booked a minimum of 14 days in advance.


We do not hold out of hours sessions during local school holidays or Sunday Evenings.



CONTACT TEL: 01775 725415

Electric Tracks Logo.
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Electric Tracks Logo.
2019 Carrera Catalouge
Electric Tracks Logo.
2019 Carrera Catalouge
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