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Children's Parties are £11.50 a head. This includes Racing and Food.

They are Held at 11am, or 3pm.

They take roughly two hours to complete.

Though we can't start to all guests have arrived. Nor can we calculate how long each child will take to eat.

So this can over run slightly from time to time.


Child's parties are a MAXIMUM of 16 children taking part. There is no Minimum Number of Children for a Party.

The lay out for a Children's Party is all done on Series One.

The time is reduced to 5 minutes for these races.

The children are split into groups, we attempt to keep these to equal size. For example if you have 7 guests and the birthday person they would be split in to two groups of four. Group one would race, as group two positions themselves around the table to and returns the cars to the lanes when they crash. Once this is complete we switch the groups round and do it again, until we complete all five tables.

If there is more than 8 children we would split them across two tables. Having half on one and the other half on the other.

If there are 6 we would use two groups of three and with twelve four groups of three.


If the party is only for Four children we would race them normal with the full 8 minutes but they would need to put there own cars back on.

The small group of four party can be held at different times, and takes around 90 minutes to complete.


The minimum age for Birthday Parties is 6 years old, though we do advise up to around 9 years they may need help returning the cars to the track and adults are suggested to also help with marshalling.

Children’s Birthday Parties

£11.50 a head.





CONTACT TEL: 01775 725415

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